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Title: How to configure SAM Broadcaster
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How to: Configure SAM Broadcaster using PUSH and PULL




The purpose of this article is to explain how to successfully configure Windows Media with Sam Broadcaster using NetroMedia streaming services using the PUSH and PULL methods. It also explains additional options that you may use on your SAM Broadcaster. This article also assumes that you have successfully installed and configured properly your Sam Broadcaster application on your computer.
Note - NetroMedia provides Statistical Information regarding your stream, NetroMedia does not support the SAM MPM feature.
Adding Windows Media Encoder (if not already installed)
Sam Broadcaster contains various built-in Encoders that translate the raw PCM sound samples into an MP3 and/or Windows Media (and other formats) that can be streamed over the internet to multiple listeners.
Sam Broadcaster encoders are by far the most advanced available today. They feature the ability to encode and stream at multiple bitrates and in multiple formats!


Requirements before starting:

Step 1. Double click on your installed Sam Broadcaster.


Step 2.  If no Encoder is displayed, click on Window and select Encoders.


Step 3.  On the Encoders Window, click on the plus button.


Step 4.  This will display a Select Plugin Selection window.


Step 5.  Proceed and select WMA (v9 advanced) (ROBUST)


Step 6.  Select if you would like to use a Single Bitrate or Multi Bitrate and the desired bitrate. On this setup we will go for Single Bitrate.


Step 7.  Click on the Stream Options tab and Select Use PUSH or PULL distribution.

The Auto Start is optional

Step 8.  On your browser, log in to your NetroPortal account.


Step 9.  Go to Services, My Active Services and click on the channel you created for Windows Media Streaming.


Step 10.  Click on the configure button located on the top left.


Step 11.  Select the desired stream method that you will be using.


Step 12.  If PULL is selected, it will require you enter your public IP and Port in the following format and save: https://IPADDRESS:PORT


Step 13.  If you selected PUSH, scroll down till you see “Windows Media Encoder Settings for PUSH streaming”and copy those settings to your Sam Broadcaster.

When doing a copy paste, be careful not to copy any blank spaces.

Step 14.  For the Tabs Scripting, Stream Archive and About you can ignore them. But if you want to know what could be added, it’s suggested you check out the Sam Broadcaster documentation.


Step 15.  Click OK, when you are done filling in the information.


Step 16.  To test that your stream is working, on Sam Broadcaster, proceed on playing some music.


Step 17.  To start encoding select the encoder created and click on the start encoding button.


Step 18.  To listen what you are streaming, go to your portal channel configuration page.



Step 19.  On Public Link area, Click on the link and this will open up the page where you can listen to your stream.

Encoders display

  1. 1. Dropdown menu
  2. 2. Add new Encoder
  3. 3. Configure selected encoder
  4. 4. Remove selected encoder
  5. 5. Start selected encoder
  6. 6. Stop selected encoder
  7. 7. The Blue button will make the encoders encode the sound directly from the SAM2 audio pipeline.
  8. 8. The Red button will make the encoders encode the sound from the soundcard.
  9. 9. Hide / Show scripting interface
  10. 10. VU Meter
  11. 11. Scripting interface (Press the button described in (9) to make it visible.)
  12. 12. Encoder Status information

Encoders control
The Dropdown menu gives almost the same options as the commands above.
The following are only the last few commands:
(You can also right-click on an encoder to bring up a popup menu with the same commands.)
The Start all command will start ALL the encoders while the Stop all will stop all the encoders.
The Select source command allows you to select the encoders source: directly from the audio pipeline or from the soundcard.
If you have multiple soundcards, this menu option will list all available recording devices: you can select the correct one.
The Add new encoder ("+") button will bring up the Encoder plugin list . Select “WMA”and click on OK to configure the new encoder.
The Configure ("Tools") button will allow you to change the configuration of the selected Encoder.
The Remove button will remove the selected encoder.
The Start button will start the currently selected encoder. (Encoder will start encoding the audio data and streaming it over the internet.)
The Stop button will stop the selected encoder.
The Blue ("dot") button will use the Audio Pipeline as the direct source for the audio samples that will be encoded.
The Red ("dot") button will grab the audio data from the soundcard (whatever is being played over the soundcard will be encoded. This requires configuration of the soundcard mixer to work correctly!).

Configure Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Streaming technology was developed by Microsoft and provides a complete end-to-end solution for almost all streaming media needs.
SAM3 has extensive support for Windows Media technology (both decoding, encoding, and "Tagging" and scripting).
Windows Media sounds a lot better than any MP3 stream at lower bitrates. Consequently, most stations use WMA for low bitrate streams. mp3PRO streams on the other hand sound the very best.

WMA Encoder &Streamer options
Under the Profile tab
•Choose profile - Windows Media comes with a good selection of predefined profiles to use. Select the profile that best fits your streaming needs.
•Description - Once you click on a profile you can get an extended description in the window below.
Under the Stream options tab
•When Auto start encoder is checked, the encoder will automatically be started after [xx] seconds of the application start.
(Please refer to your publishing point configuration page on the NetroPortal to determine if you have a Pull or Push stream)
•Enable Use pull distribution to activate the pull method of streaming. This is where the Windows Media Server connects to your encoder plugin on the specified Port . Only Max clients can connect directly to your plugin.
(You will need to supply NetroMedia with your IP and chosen Port)
•Enable Push distribution to active the push streaming method. This method only works with Windows Media services running on the Windows 2003 Server / .NET server operating system.
Media server host / IP is the IP address or DNS name of the remote Windows Media Server. (This is the ‘server name’in your activation email)
Publishing point is the mountpoint or connection point on the windows media server.
Template publishing point is optional. If the publishing point needs to be created, it will be created using the same settings as available in the Template publishing point. (Your NetroMedia Publishing Point is already created, you do not need to create one here)
If Automatically destroy publishing point after disconnect is enabled, the publishing point will be removed once disconnected. (Do not select this option as it will remove your Publishing Point and you will NetroMedia to re-create it)
Authentication may or may not be required to connect to the media server. (Authentication will be required, refer to your activation email for your username and password)


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