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Title: How to: Encode content for mobile using Expression Pro
Solution Number: 00000552 Type: Technical
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Encoding on-demand video content for use on mobile devices using Microsoft Expression Encoder Pro


This tutorial requires the use of Microsoft Expression Pro
This can be obtained from here: Download Microsoft Expression Pro and costs $199USD.



Step 1 - Open Expression Pro and select "Transcoding Project".

Step 2 - On the bottom left select "Import" and select the video you would like to encode.


 Step 3 - Browse and select the file you wish to use.


Step 4 - Under "Encode" on the right select output format "MP4".

Step 5 - Select "H.264 Baseline" video and "AAC-LC" audio. 

Optimal mobile settings are as follows:

  • Frame rate: 25 
  • Size mode: Custom 
  • Width: 480
  • Height: 268
  • Audio -
  • Bitrate: 32 or 64kbps


Step 6 - Select the "Output" tab and select your Job Output directory, this is where your encoded file will be placed.

Step 7 - Press "Encode" to start encoding. 



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