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Title: How to: Configure Adobe Flash Media Encoder for mobile streaming
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How to: Configure Adobe Flash Media Encoder to broadcast live to mobiles


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In order to broadcast to mobile services you will need to obtain Adobe Flash Media Encoder which is available for both PC and Mac here: 
Configuring the encoder:
Video Format: H.264, Profile Baseline and level 1.3
Audio Format: AAC - Windows users must obtain a licence to use the AAC plugin which can be obtained here.
One you have set your Video Format to H.264 and you Audio Format to AAC select the small wrench next to your Video Format and set the profile to Baseline and Level to 1.3
Additional settings. 

Your FMS URL and Stream can be obtained by selecting "My Services" and selecting your live flash service;if you have not yet enabled mobile streaming please call and speak to our sales team or your account manager at 1-888-818-3846 ext 1;after mobile services are enabled your mobile access links will be sent to you.

Configuring your encoder with the above settings will allow you reach a wide audience of mobile devices including some feature phones.
This configuration has been tested on the following devices:
  • iOS Devices: Iphone 3G, Iphone 3Gs, Iphone4, Ipad.
  • Android Devices: Motorola Droid with Android 2.1 and 2.2, Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.2, Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate with Android 2.2, Motorola Backflip with Android 1.6.
  • Blackberry Devices: Bold 9780, Bold 9700, PlayBook.
If you are having problems with the mobile streaming service, please refer to the folowing link: How to: Troubleshoot your mobile stream


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