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Title: iframing (Premium Player)
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Premium NetroPlayer

NetroPlayer in premium mode, is a hosted web application that allows for playback in Flash, HTML5 and RTSP.

NetroPlayer will auto-detect the connecting device and provide playback. Currently supports all Android devices, iOS devices &Blackberry.

Configuration options for the hosted player are passed as Query String parameters in the IFRAME embed code.

Current Config Options:

hHeight of the player object: passed as an integer (&h=240) | Defaults to '400'
wWidth of the player object: passed as an integer (&w=320) | Defaults to '580'
autoPlaySets autoplay where possible: not supported in HTML5 on mobile or RTSP (&autoPlay=false) | Defaults to 'true'
iframeCalls the player in an IFRAME with no branding (&iframe=true) | Defaults to 'false'

Scaling options for Flash Playback: passed as a string (&scaling=stretch)

  • Not Supported for Windows Media Services
  • 'fit': fit to window by preserving the aspect ratio encoded in the file's metadata
  • 'half': half-size (preserves aspect ratio)
  • 'orig': use the dimensions encoded in the file;if the video is too big for the available space, the video is scaled preserving the aspect ratio
  • 'scale': scale the video to fill all available space;ignores the dimensions in the metadata
  • Defaults to 'fit'

Enable Closed Captions: passed as a string (&cc=true) | Defaults to 'false'

  • Not Supported for Windows Media Services
  • Requires subtitle file: See FAQ

Here is an example of the Premium NetroPlayer embed:

  • iframe=true
  • w=640
  • h=480
  • autoPlay=false
  • scaling=scale
  • iframe width=670
  • iframe height=510

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