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Title: How to: Create Mobile pre-roll for iPhone/iPad viewers
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Configuring a Pre-roll for iPhone and iPad viewers

It is possible to configure a web-based client side pre-roll for viewers using an iPad or iPhone.  You can take a look at our example and obtain the code used here:

This page will only display video for users using an iPad, iPod or iPhone but browsing to it with your web browser will allow you to obtain the code.

You must modify 2 parts of this code, the live stream link and your on-demand video link; these are provided to you during setup of your mobile services.

Please note that iPhone, iPad and iPod streaming is only available to accounts with Mobile Streaming activated. Please contact your account manager or our sales department by calling 1-888-818-3846 and select extension 1 or email us at, you can also open a live chat with us at

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