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Title: Troublshooting FTP access
Solution Number: 00000350 Type: Procedures
Solution Details: Generally there are three causes of FTP problems:

1. Cannot connect to FTP.

If you are not asked for a login/password, this is your problem.

2. Cannot log in.

If you are asked for a login/password, and either asked again or not shown your folder, this is your problem.

3. Cannot upload.

If you can see the contents of your folder but cannot upload a new file, this is your problem.

There are some simple things you can do to solve these problems:

1. Cannot connect to FTP.

1. Ensure that the link to your FTP site is not broken.

Try typing the address in as opposed to copying and pasting.

2. If using Internet Explorer ensure that Folder View is enabled.

(Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Enable Folder View for FTP)

3a. If using Internet Explorer, try using a dedicated FTP program.

3b. If using an FTP program, try using Internet Explorer (see 2).

4. Call NetroMedia @ 888-818-3846

2. Cannot log in.

1. Make sure you are typing the login/password in, not copy-and-pasting.

2. Ensure your Caps Lock key is not on.

3. Remember, both password and login are case sensitive.

4. Call NetroMedia @ 888-818-3846

3. Cannot upload.

1. Verify that you have enough space to upload the file.

(Select all files in your FTP (including sub-folders) and Right-Click to view the Properties.)

2. If using Internet Explorer, you will occasionally not be able to upload files larger than 50 MB. Try using a dedicated FTP program.

3. If you upload ‘freezes’ with 5 or 10 seconds remaining, you are likely experiencing a display error. Simply close down the FTP window, and the transfer window. The file should be uploaded when you log back in.

4. If you can upload one file, but not another, try re-encoding the file you cannot upload. Or copy and paste it as a new file with a different name.

5. Call NetroMedia @ 888-818-3846
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