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Title: FTP: Response: 550 Permission denied
Solution Number: 00000496 Type: Technical
Solution Details:

When attempting to upload content to the NetroMedia Storage facility, you receive the following error message;

"Response: 550 Permission denied"

You will receive this error if you are over your Allocated Storage amount. When this happens, you have two choices;

1 - Upgrade your Allocated Storage in the NetroPortal

  • Users with a NetroMedia Program can upgrade automatically through the NetroPortal

  • Users with a Streaming Package should contact NetroMedia Support by creating a Technical Support Case

2 - Remove some of the content you have stored. NetroMedia Storage Access is checked every 2 hours, if you are under your Allocated Storage amount, your Access will be reinstated.

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I've deleted some files, the services tab shows 693mb of storage used. Hopefully I don't have any files stored on other servers. If there are any files on your servers except the "worshipondemand" I cannot get at them anymore because I've deleted the channel. Can you delete them for me? 04/04/2010 5:01:29 PMRusty Delano

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