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Title: Stream Security Options
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Stream Security comes in a variety of flavors, depending on your needs, and your budget!

We can provide customization's to all of these options, depending on your specific needs.

"Windows Media StreamSecure"

Windows Media security is only compatible with Desktop streams, mobile is not available for Windows Media users. Security is provided via a domain refer, we lock the stream to requests from specific domains, we need to know the your domain in advance of setup.

  • Entry level Access Control

  • Referrer Based Security

  • Does not support mobile streams

Flash Security Options:

1 - "Flash StreamSecure" - I want to re-name this to "HotLinkDenial".

StreamSecure provides basic desktop stream security, StreamSecure does not secure mobile streaming links. StreamSecure works in a similar way to Windows Media StreamSecure, we lock all incoming requests to your website/domain, any requests that do not come from your site/domain are rejected.

  • Entry level Access Control

  • Helps to stop users embedding your player on their site

  • RTMP Support only (does not support mobile streams)

2 - "Timed Token Auth"

Times Token Auth is our most secure form of security, when a viewer loads the page containing the stream, a "token" is generated which is valid for a specified length of time; generally 60 seconds. While the token is valid, a viewer can press play and watch the stream - after the 60seconds has expired, the token becomes invalid and any further play requests using this token are rejected; this stops the stream link being used on other sites as by the time the player is implemented, the token has become invalid.

  • Medium level Access Control

  • Time based tokens (i.e. multiple token uses allowed inside validity time)

  • Token validity time is configurable

  • Support for RTMP, HTTP, HDS, HLS, RTSP, Silverlight

  • Not compatible with the premium player

3 - "Single Use Token"

Single use tokens work in a very similar way to the Time Token, only the Token can only be used once, once it has been used any further connection requests using the token are ignored and rejected by the media server.

  • High level Access Control

  • Single Use Access Token

  • Tokens Generated in bulk, or singly, through our API

  • Support for RTMP, HTTP, HDS, HLS, RTSP, Silverlight

  • Not compatible with the premium player

4 - "DRM"

  • Enterprise level Security

  • For Live Streams - per-stream encryption - optional key rotation

  • For On-Demand - per-asset and per-session encryption - optional key rotation

  • Support for RTMP, HTTP, HDS, HLS, RTSP, Silverlight - depending on DRM Vendor


In order to complete your quote please create a case here and answer the following questions:

  • Are you using Flash or Windows Media streaming?

  • Do you require mobile security?

  • Which scripting language is in use on your site? PHP, ASP, etc

  • Will NetroMedia be hosting the site for you?

  • Do you have technical staff on site that can implement a custom secure player into your site if it is not being hosted by NetroMedia?

  • Which domains do you intend on using our secured services with?

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