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Title: How to: Map your FTP storage to my computer
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How to: Map your FTP on-demand storage to my computer

Why do this?

This allows you to drag and drop videos onto your on-demand storage using your my computer, for large files we still recommend using an FTP program such as FileZilla.

What do I need?

 - A computer running Windows Vista, Windows7 or Windows8.  This may be possible with other versions but the information below may not match.

 - Your FTP Quick Link, you can get this by clicking "My services" and then selecting your on-demand channel, your FTP Quick Link can be found on the right.


Getting started:

 - Open my computer (windows key + e)

 - Press "Map Network Drive" or if you don't have that option, press the "alt" button on your keyboard to access the hidden menu and select Tools then Map a network drive

 - Press the button/link at the bottom labeled "Connect to a web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures"

 - Follow the wizard and press "next" two times, when it comes to the address simply enter your FTP Quick Link, it will look similar to this ""

 - Press next and name the location, you can call this anything, this is what will show up in your "My computer"

 - Press next and Finish, you have now "mapped" your FTP directory.  Please note this is not the same as mapping a local network drive, you cannot do that without additional 3rd party applications but you now have a folder mapped to your system that you can drag/drop files into.


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