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Title: Billing Terms and Conditions
Solution Number: 00000797 Type: StreamTest
Solution Details: Billing Terms and Conditions Billing Terms and Conditions Clarifying statement: is a wholly owned product and services division of NetroMedia Streaming Services Ltd. (NetroMedia),  as such all products and services advertised, tested, purchased and used from the and associated StreamTest websites including the API are subject to the Terms and Conditions of NetroMedia Streaming Services Ltd (NetroMedia), its agents, employees, contractors and owners.

By receiving and reviewing NetroMedia’s Billing Terms & Conditions, you acknowledge that this is a binding legal agreement between NetroMedia and you as a Customer of NetroMedia using services supplied by NetroMedia and or its agents, vendors and contractors. You are the authorized account contact having the authority to act on behalf of and for the account owner. Having read and understood these Billing Terms & Conditions, you acknowledge their authority to charge your method of payment for services to be rendered and agree to the terms herein. No terms, conditions or reservations stipulated by the Customer and no verbal negotiations shall annul, vary or add to any of these Billing Terms & Conditions, except in so far as expressly consented to and agreed to in writing by NetroMedia.For special services, or customized solutions, a written NetroMedia Service Level Agreement may accompany these Billing Terms & Conditions. If such document accompanies these billing Terms & Conditions, the terms of the written Service Level Agreement shall override any inconsistencies or contradictory Terms & Conditions that may arise between the two documents.


  1. Account Service Invoicing Conditions

    1. all services per account are prepaid

    2. sold services are bundles of one time or reoccurring individual services consisting which may or may not include an allotment of bandwidth sold in gigabyte units

    3. Upon receiving first payment the service account will be 'activated'. The reoccurring billing date will be set to this activation date.

    4. the service account reoccurring invoice will be processed using the account preferred payment option on the set reoccurring interval plus two days after the activation billing date.

    5. All invoices are emailed to a specific contact person. This contact person is specified by the account holder. Only one contact name and email address can recieve invoices.

      1. To add or change the invoice contact person submit a case with the contact person and their email address. or

      2. enter the contact person and email address through the NetroMedia StreamingPortal. However a case is required to select that a contact person to receive invoices.

  2. Billing Terms & Conditions

    1. Each party hereto represents and warrants to the other party that as of the commencement of the agreement for the provision of Services that:

      1. all prices are set in USD funds, other currency options are available but must be negotiated in advance of invoice creation

      2. all invoices will be processed using the preferred method of payment, without prior notice.

      3. service and payment options can be Annually, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly or for a one time event status.

      4. connection service charges apply when:

        1. the service is manually set up or

        2. upon service re-connection following a suspension of service for non payment

        3. if NetroMedia technical department needs manually configure a custom service.

      5. a late payments will be subject to a 2% per month (26.8% per annum) on all overdue accounts over 15 days.

      6. Service packages consisting of monthly bandwidth allotment are subject to overages

        1. overages occur when the total prepaid bandwidth allotment has been consumed with the month range of service dates. every gigabyte of bandwidth consumed in the distribution of content whether live or on demand will be considered overage

        2. overage rates per gigabyte are greater than pre-paid bandwidth rates

        3. overage is calculated based on usage for the month and invoiced on your billing date at the agreed upon price which is over and above your purchased amount of usage. e.g you used 25 GB in one month and you purchased 20 GB then 5 GB will be deemed as overage and charged at the agreed upon rate on a monthly basis on our preferred payment option.

        4. overage is invoice and payment processed on the activation day of the month following the overage consumption. Generally this is applied to the next month's prepaid services invoice.

        5. overage may be charges on a separate invoice if the overage amount is greater than half the prepaid bandwidth allotment or the overage charge will be greater than half the prepaid services invoice. This is process is at the discretion of NetroMedia Streaming ltd.

      7. all services are invoiced and payment processed regardless of whether the service was used or not within the previous billing period.

  3. Preferred Method of Payment

    1. Each account is required to have a single method of payment. The available options are:

      1. Visa

      2. Mastercard

      3. American Express

      4. Wire payments - NetroMedia accepts wire transfer payments however there must be a credit card on file as back up to the wire transfer payment. There are two forms depending on the account holder's banking location. Please contact to recieve the correct US or international form. All wire payments are subject to a $25.00 service fee added directly to the NetroMedia invoice.

      5. PayPal - NetroMedia accepts payment by Pay Pal however an additional PayPal service fee is added to all invoices under $3,000.00. Go to your PayPal account, make payment out to include the NetroMedia invoice number and payment amount be sure to ADD pay pal charge expense on top of your NetroMedia invoice amount, click send. NetroMedia will require a back up credit card on file in the event the PayPal payment does not process the monthly payment on time

      6. Cheques - NetroMedia does accept cheque payments on a contingency basis and there must be a credit card on file as a back up to the cheque payment. Reminder notices will be sent out on a weekly bases for all outstanding amounts until full payment is received. All cheque payments are subject to a $15.00 service fee added directly to the NetroMedia invoice.

    2. All service fees, banking charges, interest, transaction fees (other than those charged directly by NetroMedia) are the responsibility of the NetroMedia account owner.

    3. NetroMedia accepts no responsibility to any financial transaction costs incurred by the owner at the source of payment.

    4. NetroMedia is not responsible for any differences in total amount charged due to exchange rate fluctuations. NetroMedia cannot guarantee the exact amount charged by the account owners bank or credit card company if the invoice amount is subject to an exchange rate processing adjustment.

    5. The NetroMedia Account owner accepts the responsibility to ensure their selected method of payment will process payment as agreed to in the NetroMedia Billing Terms and Conditions.

  4. Cancellation of Services

    1. All services require 30 days (or 1 month) cancellation notice of their service. The preferred method of presenting a cancellation notice is by creating a support case or ticket in the NetroPortal. Make sure to include the date and reason for the cancellation. A written or email notice of cancellation will require a corresponding support case created to verify NetroMedia has recieved the cancellation request.

    2. Preferred method of payment must remain active 30 days past the immediate cancellation month to ensure all overage charges are paid.

    3. Once the account is cancelled NetroMedia Processing will not charge ongoing / new / prepaid charges to a client’s credit card

  5. Refund Policy A refund of streaming services from NetroMedia can occur when:

    1. the client has been charged an incorrect amount other than what is listed on an invoice for that particular charge. NOT including:

    2. currency exchange rate discrepancies

    3. overage

    4. service fees

    5. one time charges related to contract or hourly service work

  6. Contact for Billing, Invoicing, orders and services are to - or refer to contact page for most up to date contact information - Or go to once logged in create a support case or ticket and enter the specifics you wish to discuss.


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