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Title: Communication Requirements
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Communication Requirements

All Support communications, of any form, should be conducted in also known as the NetroMedia SteamingPortal . There are a number of reasons why we enforce communication through the StreamingPortal:

  • Email is insecure and should not be used to transmit sensitive information

  • emails get lost - everyone has email overload and adding yet one more email to everyone's day increases the chances it will get lost.

  • The NetroMedia StreamingPortal can be accessed over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection ensuring encryption of the data transfer

  • 100% of service communication is conducted through support "cases" (also known as support tickets) click here to create a new Support Case These cases provide a transparent and historical view of any issues - whether technical, support,sales or billing.  It is a central repository of your account's activities.  Which includes a record of everyone's direct involvment in those activities.

  • Team involvement - if you have one or more people on your service team they can "login" and participate in the discussion, learning and implimentation.  This helps

  • eliminate long, confusing email chains which go back and forth between many stakeholders and participants.

  • Better communication - by using the StreamingPortal multiple participants in your organization can communicate with multiple people within NetroMedia.  Even if there is only one of you, very often one project will involve more than one person at NetroMedia.  Using an email or phone message is simply impractical to ensure your project is launched and runs smoothly.Communicating in the StreamingPortal ensures everyone is on the same page and reading the same text!!

  • Increased time to solution and resolution - if you make a case in the NetroMedia StreamingPortal it has a better chance of being answered faster and more efficiently than if you were to send an email.  Especially if it involves more than one action or participant to be involved. 

  • Universal process - whether adding a credit card number, making a case comment, adding streaming channel, increasing your bandwidth, configuring your encoder or changing your email address the NetroMedia StreamingPortal is same for everyone in your company and works the same no matter the process.  This universal communication and User Experience creates an enhanced communication process that connects multiple departments and people. 


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