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NetroMedia is pleased to announce Simon & Schuster has today launched their online streaming video Pay Per View platform,  Powered entirely by NetroMedia's pay per view platform this new Simon & Schuster ecommerce site will offer a host of courses by popular authors in areas of health, finance and self-help.

This site, built in house specifically for Simon & Schuster by the NetroMedia technology services team, represents a significant project for this New York based publisher.  Quoted recently in a NYTimes article about the launch, President and Chief Executive of Simon & Schuster, Carolyn Reidy said in a statement, "today’s consumers have made it plain that they want and expect more from authors than just books."  Concluding, "this initiative is also another way for us to expand what Simon & Schuster can provide to our authors, building audiences for their books and creating new revenue streams."

The NetroMedia Pay Per Platform is a perfect ecommerce fit for this new Simon & Schuster project.

Customizable and Scalable.  

"It was clear from the very beginning of this project, SimonSays, that we needed to fullfill and number of very specific service and technology must haves.  Including adapting the NetroMedia PPV gateway to Simon & Schuster's existing online payment processor" said Che Pinkerton, NetroMedia's Chief Executive.  Che added "The project also had to be scalable for both audience numbers and the addition of future authors.  SimonSays is also unique in the sense that it acts as a PPV portal simultaneously for both authors and Simon & Schuster.  This meant it had to be built convertible for any author to have their users come direct from their site to SimonSays to purchase content."

Overall this project represents the versatily of the NetroMedia Pay Per View platform and the ability of the NetroMedia technical development team.


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