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We're happy to announce the latest updates to our Streaming Media Portal. (NetroPortal

Over the past several weeks we've made the following upgrades;

New Features

  • Most popular times grid - know which hours of which days are your most popular times - see it here
  • Front page view of your active services as well as collapsible panels for your normal Support, Invoicing and Frequently Asked Questions - see it here
  • New side bar on select pages makes it much easier to navigate the site - see it here

Upgraded Features

  • Navigation through packages and services to checkout now easier
  • Navigation menu has been enhanced to provide additional options to people who are logged in
  • More prominent Chat buttons to make sure that our awesome streaming support engineers are as accessible as possible
  • Custom Reports have been upgraded with too many upgrades to list

There have also been many other bug fixes and overall performance enhancements. Our goal with NetroPortal is to provide a solid reliable platform for our clients to manage their services and enhance their streaming experience. We're always working on improvements and we absolutely love hearing from you, so please let us know how we're doing here, even if it's just a thought, opinion, comment or request we'd love to hear from you.


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Release Date: 08/18/2009 8:00:00 PM    
Public Tags: NetroPortal, development
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