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Title: Push or Pull?
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Push or Pull?

When configuring Windows Media Encoder or Microsoft Expression encoder; there are two connection methods.


Using a Push

  • Setup is very simple
  • The connection to NetroMedia aquisition servers is started by the Encoder
  • Using a Push you can broadcast from any location any time
  • See the following FAQ to Configure your Encoder for a Push


Using a Pull

  • Is recommended for long duration broadcasts (longer than 2 hours)
  • NetroMedia aquisition servers constantly try to "pull" content from the Encoder
  • Setup requires a Port Forward configured on your router (Default port of 8080)
  • Setup requires an exception in your firewall
  • Setup requires a Static IP address or use of a Dynamic DNS service
  • See the following FAQ to Configure your Encoder for a Pull


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Can I change from a pull to push configuration?03/06/2010 4:58:48 PMBrian Kovack

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